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Yogurtbox's coda has just released a solo album tracer on Ubiktune. You may download it for free or pay what you want. If you liked Tree of Knowledge we think you will enjoy this one, so please check it out!


We've just added an interview with coda and surasshu, you may learn some interesting stuff about Tree of Knowledge! Thanks, yogurtbox fans ヽ(・ω・)ノ


Happy Thanksgiving! Tree of Knowledge has been included in the excellent Indie Game Music Bundle - 10 Albums for $1 - alongside other great albums and soundtracks such as the Minecraft and VVVVVV soundtracks and Impostor Nostalgia. If you've downloaded the bundle and want to learn more about the fictional PC-98 game behind Tree of Knowledge, please play with the flash above and explore the site. Thanks!


Tree of Knowledge was featured as the first track on the Best of Ubiktune podcast on BitJam!


We've added a feedback page to showcase the things people have been saying about Tree of Knowledge! Meanwhile, Crunchyroll has posted a review of the album!


otakuxgamer wrote a summary of the album including some nice links about YU-NO and Ryu Umemoto. We are expecting to uncover more game content soon, so stay tuned!


GAMER'S EXPRESS has posted a summary of the album in Japanese. Hardcore Gaming 101 has again mentioned us, as well as some great new and old FM tracks by other composers. ありがとう!


Original Sound Version has now posted a full review of the album in addition to their earlier article! Thank you!


Tree of Knowledge has been featured in Japanator, Heisei Democracy, Original Sound Version, and BitFellas. Thanks for the kind words everyone!


Album is now available! Visit the bandcamp page to order Tree of Knowledge!

Released in cooperation with our friends at Ubiktune!


2 more Screenshots!


We'd like to thank True Chip Till Death, Hardcore Gaming 101, and Kabakism for writing about us!


Music preview flash added. (See above). Trailer is on album page.


New wallpaper added. Please do not attempt to kiss the screen.


2 Screenshots posted.


First review - Hardcore Gaming 101 posted a nice review/summary of the album!


Trailer is released! Check it out on Youtube or ニコニコ動画. More content coming this week.


Site LAUNCH! Added Info about TREE OF KNOWLEDGE ~知恵の樹~ Original PC98 Game Music Tribute Album.